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Sohva is an asynchronous CouchDB client library for Scala. It is based on akka and its http module. Sohva can be used to access data in CouchDB databases from version 1.4 onward. Some features are only available in CouhDB 2.0 (such as mango queries) and will result in runtime errors if you use them with an earlier version of CouhDB.


To use Sohva in your code, add it to your dependencies in your build.

// sbt
libraryDependencies += "org.gnieh" %% "sohva" % "2.2.0"
<!-- maven -->

Sohva is built for scala 2.11 and 2.12.


Snapshot versions are regularly uploaded to the sonatype snapshots repository so that you can try the upcoming fixes and features.

Currently available snapshots are:

Snapshots are built against scala 2.11 and scala 2.12.

Next steps

Once your project is linked to Sohva, you can start using it. Please have a look at the links below for documentation.

Getting help

If you have any question or find a bug, you can always file a bug report or join the gitter room.