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It is possible to be notified about changes that occur in CouchDB databases.

In Sohva, change stream is implemented using akka streams. Once materialized, the streams provided by Sohva can return a UniqueKillSwitch to close the streams.

Database updates

Given a CouchClient or a session, you can be notified about updates in databases

      val stream = couch.dbUpdates()


you can provide a timeout and a heartbeat to this method.

Database changes

A more interesting change stream is the one on databases, allowing to be notified about all document updates.

      val stream =
// print on stdout all the events
val killSwitch = stream.toMat(Sink.foreach(println _))(Keep.left).run()
// wait a while and close the stream


This method takes several parameters to reflect the underlying CouchDB API, refer to the documentation for details.