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You may want to authenticate with the CouchDB server, if it requires it. Sohva supports two authentication methods from CouchDB:

  1. basic authentication
  2. OAuth 1

The CouchClient class has methods to start sessions with either of these methods. A Session is basically the same as CouchClient except that all issued requests will include proper credentials so that the server can authenticate your requests.

Once you get a session object, instead of using the basic couch object from Basic usage, use the session to access the databases.

Basic authentication

To start a basic authentication session, use the startBasicSession method.

      val session = couch.startBasicSession("username", "password")

val db = session.database("test")


OAuth authentication

To start an OAuth session, use the startOAuthSession method.

      val session = couch.startOAuthSession("consumer_key", "consumer_secret", "token", "secret")

val db = session.database("test")